One way to describe biological speciation is: the generation of original coding for a new manner of reality interface.

This site argues that the accelerating complexity of the world, that is, all the new inputs into geo eco bio cultural & tech networks, has drastically out paced culture’s ability to process and order those relationships so they’re functional. We can’t even get along with the sky, can’t get along with the ocean, other species, etc. It’s not that we’re evil or stupid (of course, some people are), it’s more that we’re living in unprecedented environs and we can’t process all the new relationship information.

Here’s one example of our new environs:

“There were 5 exabytes of information created by the entire world between the dawn of civilization and 2003; now that same amount is created every two days.”  Eric Schmidt, Alphabet CEO

Our situation is somewhat analogous to taking a few humans and dropping them on another planet that supports some form of life. Our genetic code wasn’t selected for those environs so it can’t process the information of its new environs well enough to survive.

This is true of our current culture codes, the coding infrastructure we use for culture’s interface with reality. That is, our cultural genome, our Relationship Infrastructure, can’t adequately process our new environs. It can’t process complex relationship information -- with sufficient reach, sufficient speed, accuracy and power.

Due to these ever-new environs, the current software of world culture, that is, the cultural organism’s dominant coding structures -- monetary and legal -- don’t (and can’t) follow this rule of thumb from the biological network:

“The rule of thumb is that the complexity of the organism has to match the complexity of the environment at all scales in order to increase the likelihood of survival.” Yaneer Bar-Yam -- Making Things Work

This perspective is expanded upon in the articles on this site, along with interviews with prominent thinkers who shed significant light on how reality works, as well as some links to additional work.


Note: Some (many?) of the articles here have redundant or the exact same wording as they were originally written as stand alone pieces for world-wide rejection. All good . . . some times.

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Bryan Atkins

circa 1954

Dominant Phenomenon of Our Era

Exponentially Accelerating Complexity

(includes exponentially accruing knowledge)

“It is estimated that a week’s worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century.”    Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, Shift Happens 2010


Updated 4.14.17

New: The Margins of Selection

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Best description of reality?

Donald Hoffman:

This site was composed during infected, nonlinear fits of solution sensing.

Now it's another crumbling museum of human curiosity and folly? Not certain, but reality seems to be aligning for a hard, when-not-if collapse.

Most Tragic.

Best to All of Thee.



New Friends:  Lovey and Thor.

And the Fence: All are Temporary Aggregate Information Structures that process relationship information.

(The information structured as a fence processes heat, bird poop, water and neutrino information, & more.)

Cat, Horse, Fence: Simultaneously Noun - Verb.

We’re in the Anthropocene.

World Culture’s Dominant App:

Humans deploying monetary code.

We’re doing multi-level selection in-and-across networks -- Geo Eco Bio Cultural & Tech -- & across Time, with a thousands-of-years-old cultural coding mechanism.

The app lacks information processing Reach Speed Accuracy & Power -- the very qualities necessary to continue passing multi-level (natural) selection tests.